The Robots are coming? Robo-butlers are here!

As smart-home devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home and wheeled robots like Jibo, Pepper, and Buddy are ready to offer companionship and entertainment, Robo-Butlers are coming into general use.
However unlike the do-it-all robotic butlers of sci-fi (and the Jetsons), these devices (so far) are being built to perform specific tasks. Here are some Robo-Butlers already on the market.
Kuri a 20-inch-tall robot that helps you play music, control smart devices from anywhere in your house and live-stream surveillance video of your house a la
With Lynx, you won’t have to find your Amazon Echo to give a command to Alexa. It is a walking humanoid form of Kuri that gives Amazon’s assistant Alexa a face, a body, arms and legs.
LG has a series of consumer service robots including for airports and hotels that can answer travellers questions in four languages. Its LG Hub is powered by the same software running on Alexa with more personality through an animated face and swivelling to look at whoever it’s talking to.
Ewaybot Technology’s 4-foot-tall MoRo performs simple chores such as using its arms to pick up and move objects.
So robo-butlers are now there to help but only as long as you have a very specific task in mind.